Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beer & an interview

So, I was thinking about beginning to blog again, and I thought, "Ya know, Dave, at last count there were 13.5 million blogs on the web (not really), and most blogs are self-centered ego masturbation. What fun is that?" And, although I'll blatantly admit that most of what I'll post is going to be what I happen to be thinking at the time, wouldn't it be nice to focus on other people as well? So, at tomorrow's Triangle Tweetup at Edge Office, I'll be conducting the first few episodes of "Beer & an Interview."
What is Beer & an Interview? Easy. I'll be bringing a cooler of Carlsberg - by favorite Danish beer, my flip camera and a tripod. I'll sit down with a few of the more interesting people in the triangle, share a beer with them, and they'll give me their spiel. I know some people have no problem with self promotion, but for those of you who don't particularly love to toot your own horns, it's a great opportunity to get your story out there. Who's going to see it? Damned if I know. But, if people actually start reading this blog, it may actually get noticed.
Since I probably won't know who I'll be interviewing before I get there, have a two-minute or so pitch or story thought out. If we go longer, who cares, I'll edit it.
If you want me to prepare some good questions for you (I do have experience in media training), DM me at @DaveMinella or send me an email at dminella31 (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me what makes you so interesting.
We WILL NOT be discussing Twitter or other social media!
See everyone tomorrow.

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kennhyn said...

I like your idea, the beer interview is great, maybe you should do some local celebrities... cheers!