Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rock & roll is interfering with my life.

You know, being a (wannabe) rock star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, yeah, there are the women and the booze and the drugs, but sometimes, you just want to put the instruments down and have a normal weekend.

We’re in the middle of a month of weekend shows. This Saturday we’re heading to Charlotte (well Salisbury really) to play a show with our friends from Smashed Alley. It should be a good show, definitely high energy, and we do enjoy playing with those guys. But, really, could it come at a more inopportune time? Sunday is Superbowl Sunday, and this is no ordinary Superbowl Sunday. This is a Superbowl Sunday when my Steelers are playing. Coincidentally, this is also the last Sunday before I begin my diet and preparation for my next bodybuilding competition (but more about that in a later post). In a perfect world, I’d wake up on Sunday morning, have breakfast, hit the gym and be done and in football mode by noon, giving me plenty of time for pre-game preparation. That’s not going to happen this weekend.

Even if I remain completely in control on Saturday night (i.e.: don’t take part in the free-beer-for-the-bands program), there’s still little hope of getting out of the club before 2:30AM. Gear needs to be loaded, money collected, etc., and then there’s the matter of getting back to the hotel and dealing with any after-action reviews and any randoms that may have decided to join us. I’m hoping that, since our entourage will include one wife, one fiancé and two girlfriends (I’m the only one rolling solo) that we can wrap things up at a decent hour. In the morning, we still have the two-hour drive back to Raleigh and getting everything unloaded and back into the studio. Of course there’s the option of remaining completely sober and pulling the red-eye drive after we get loaded up; however, doing so would mean I can’t take advantage of the evening’s full potential.

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I totally hear this one, having been a live music clubchick and following my husband's band around a bunch. Our solution has been to agree to limit gigs to twice, or at the MAX, three times per month. And try to eliminate the back-to-back gigs where possible. This has helped us stay sane!